Double discount during May  to celebrate 40 years of Video 125!
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Double Discount on all our titles to mark 40 years of Video 125!

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The very original Driver's eye view sold for £19.55 equivalent to an unbelievable £79 today!

Our first advert appeared in the July 1984 Railway Magazine (right). Available on VHS and BETAMAX! Remember them?

Numbered DEV 001 it was filmed in April of that year. The invention of the videocassette enabled specialist content to be viewed in people's homes for the very first time and TV cameraman and railway enthusiast Peter Middleton had the idea of placing a camera in the driver's cab. He coined the phrase Driver's eye view, words that have been used to describe myriads of simpler 'cab rides' ever since.

By comparison to Video125's Driver's eye views today, the original S&C was chalk and cheese. The trees were bare, the picture quality was poor, there were few runbys, no cab-interior shots, no aerial views, and not even a professional narrator, yet it filled a gap in the market and sold thousands.

Today, our infinitely better Driver's eye view of the Settle and Carlisle (filmed in 2002) features all of the above plus sunshine and green trees but costs just £15, a far cry from £79!

Celebrating 40 years of publishing, we've come a long way, with over a hundred video productions to date, available as digital downloads, DVDs and Blu-ray discs (all factory replicated and not burnt).

What other video producer offers a no-quibble money back guarantee?

And we've doubled our quantity discounts for the whole of May!

10% for 2 becomes 20%

20% for 4 becomes 40%

25% for 8 or more becomes a whopping 50% off (that's HALF PRICE)!

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