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Diesel & Electric on 35mm, volumes 1 & 2 ▶ Click to watch preview
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Diesel & Electric on 35mm, volumes 1 & 2Diesel & Electric on 35mm, volumes 1 & 2

Narrated by John Huntley
Written by John Huntley &
Peter Middleton
Filmed in 1930s-60s (vol 1)
1960s-70s (vol 2)
Duration 60 mins per volume
Widescreen No
Definition Standard
Download size 1.3GB (vol 1)
1.2GB (vol 2)
Format MP4 video

Diesel & Electric on 35mm, volumes 1 & 2

This is some of the very best quality motion pictures ever taken of the BR modernisation period.

Volume 1

Mainly from the 1960s, showing all sorts of diesel-hauled trains in action. There are also electrics going right back to the 1930s, Underground trains, 1960s AC electrics, feature items and much much more.

Volume 2

100% in colour, featuring over 150 separate shots taken by British Transport Films but never actually used. The majority consists of magnificent runbys from the “pre-blue” era with further classic material from the late 1960s and the early ’70s.

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