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Let's start by proving pages on the subdomain can be in an iframe on Shopify
Fetch download page works fine in an iframe as shown on this test page:
(both dynamic from the querystring, and hard-coded)
But Fetch download page doesn't work when hard-coded iframe into Shopify. Why?
...and the test page when served from Shopify's CDN doesn't load content of iFrames whether they're hard-coded or dynamic from the querystring, even when the page they're trying to load is one that works in an iFrame on a Shopify page (i.e. the only one working above):

Download issues?

If it’s not going as smoothly as it should, please follow the instructions on the Video 125 troubleshooting page before contacting us.

Reliable, faster downloads

We recommend using Google Chrome with the Chrono extension so you can download large files without worrying about your internet connection failing and breaking the download.