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Chris Tarrant: Extreme RailwaysChris Tarrant: Extreme Railways

Produced by The Gamma Project
Shown on Channel 5
Duration 141 mins
Widescreen Yes
Definition Standard


Chris Tarrant: Extreme Railways


This series sees TV legend Chris Tarrant embark on turbulent adventures as he travels around the globe to experience the world's most extreme trains. While en route, Chris finds himself stuck in the heart of an African jungle, traversing the Australian Outback and exploring the Monsoon Coast of India; all by some of the most spectacular railways on the globe.

Episode One - Congo's Jungle Railway

Chris heads to West Africa to experience the colonial Jungle Railway. Connecting Brazzaville on the Congo River to the coast, this 310-mile route remains a vital lifeline for both people and freight in a country with few roads and dense, impenetrable jungle.

Episode Two - Australia's Outback Railway

Taking on the 2,000 mile-long Adelaide to Darwin Railway, Chris crosses the desolation of the Australian Outback on a route known as 'The Ghan Line.' Dating back to the 1870s, the line took over 100 years to complete and today the original, abandoned sections of the line pass through deserted towns and by abandoned railway relics.

Episode Three - India's Monsoon Railway

For his final excursion, Chris ventures between Mumbai and Mangalore via the infamous Konkan railway. Battling monsoons and treacherous terrain, Chris explores why, despite 40,000 miles of track built in India by the British Empire, they steered clear of this perilous route.

As shown on Channel Five.

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