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Golden ValleyGolden Valley

Narrated by
Alan Hardwick
Written by
Peter Middleton
Filmed in 2006
Duration 49 mins (download)
Duration 78 mins (DVD)
Widescreen No
Definition Standard
Download size 1.1GB
Format MP4 video

Golden Valley

Swindon to Gloucester

Skirting the edge of the Cotswolds the line from Swindon to Gloucester runs through the valley of the River Frome – enchantingly known as the Golden Valley.

The viewing platform for our 36¾ mile journey is a 2-car class 143 Pacer operated by Wessex Trains. Some of the delights of any journey over this route are the classic GWR stations at Kemble and Stroud, little changed over time. As well as the usual shots of the driver at work, trackside runpasts and station sequences, there are aerial shots taken from a helicopter.

Originally a programme in its own right, 30 minutes of railway action chosen with the emphasis on their stereo soundtracks. Now included as a menu-driven bonus on this Driver's eye view.

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