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Privacy policy

Video 125 does not sell or share customers' information with third parties.

The new data protection regulations require us to explain how and where your data is stored, but we would like to reassure you that the following is normal practice and should be nothing to be concerned about.

Customers' information is stored in the systems we use to run our business (which are often provided by third parties) for the purposes of completing your order, and contacting you. These third parties are listed below under the heading 'Data processors'.

We store your approximate location and the IP address of your computer (which you could think of as its internet address) for tax reporting purposes, as required by EU law.

Our website places cookies on your computer which are used to make the site work, for instance to keep track of the contents of your shopping cart. Some third party cookies are placed on your computer when you take specific actions, like watch a video preview or download a video file. You can read more about these on our cookies page.

If you choose to leave a product review, the name you provide in the review will be shown publicly on our website.

Data processors

We use the following systems to process your data:

We use Shopify as the software to run our store. When you place an order online or by phone, your personal data is stored in Shopify for the purposes of fulfilling your order and maintaining a customer record including a history of your orders, and your physical address (even for download orders, for EU tax reporting purposes). Read more about how Shopify uses your data.

Through Shopify, we use Stripe as the payment processor for our store. Your personal data including payment card details are used by Stripe for the purposes of completing a transaction. Read more about how Stripe uses your data.

We use FetchApp to automatically fulfil video download orders as soon as an order is placed. FetchApp stores your name and email address on a per-order basis, but does not have access to your physical address or payment information. Read more about how FetchApp uses your data.

We use MailChimp to manage our mailing list. MailChimp receives customer data from Shopify when a customer purchasing from us gives consent to hearing from us, or when an individual specifically signs up to our mailing list from our website. MailChimp stores your name, address, email address, and marketing preferences, but does not have access to your payment information. Read more about how MailChimp uses your data.

We use YouTube to display previews of our videos on our website. The YouTube embed is only loaded when you click 'Click to watch preview', and we have added a line to warn you that clicking will result in third party cookies being placed on your device. While we don't share any of your information with Google (which owns YouTube), they may track your viewing habits across the web, and associate them with your personal information if you are also signed in to Google. It is likely that Google uses this information to better target advertising to you. Google, like all businesses have costs and this is how they offer their services for free. Read more about how Google uses your data.

Our products are listed on our Facebook page. Facebook will keep a record of your activity if you view our products on their website. Read more about how Facebook uses your data.

The following systems are used but don't store your personal data:

We use Amazon Web Services to store video download files. When you buy a video download, Shopify tells Fetchapp to send you a link to the video file which is stored on the AWS server. AWS does not have access to any order-specific information or customer information. Read more about how AWS uses your data.

Some of these data processors are based in the USA and Canada, so when you use our website your information will be sent and stored there, regardless of your own location.

Data retention

We will retain your details for our records unless and until you ask us to delete this information.

Please contact us to request removal of your personal data from our systems, in line with GDPR regulations.

Data controller

The data controller at Video 125 Ltd is:

Peter Middleton
Managing Director
Video 125 Ltd.
Glade House,
High Street,
SL5 9NP,