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Blu-ray players for £45

Currys in the UK is offering the LG BD125 (ironic model number) on line for just £45 including vat.

We have not tested this particular model but the manufacturer is well
respected and the specification allows you to play (and even upscale) all
your existing DVDs as well as enabling the playback of full blu-ray HD discs
from the likes of Video 125 and others.

If you have a large flat panel TV set, now is a great time to go Blu-ray.

You will probably need to purchase an HDMI cable to connect your player to your tv if you don’’t already have one. We suggest you purchase the HDMI cable from the likes of B&Q rather than the TV retailers because you will get one for £5 or so rather than £20 or more.

We look forward to supplying you with some great HD productions now and in the future.

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