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NEWS PAGE up and running at last

After many months of little activity due to a harmful virus that took down our website and forum as well as our news page, I am glad to announce that we are back up and running with this new safe format researched and developed by our own Paul (Nicepaul),

So thanks to Paul, I am now able to actively write and update this column on a regular basis, when there is something relevant to say. I have no idea how many times you must have clicked on the page only to find old news. We regret that, but we sincerely hope that this page will be more robust against those who wish to disrupt everyday innocent activities.

There will still be old news on this site, but each time we post something new, they will be pushed further down the column. At least that way, should you wish to refer back to something from the past, you should be able to do so.

It’s great to be back.

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