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Tramway filming UPDATE

FILMING of MILAN TRAMS is now complete and going into post production (for editing/scripting etc).We experienced sunny weather almost throughout our stay in Milan.

The production will take the form of a documentary looking at this large system and its depots as it is today - as well as its history, just like we did so effectively in Lisbon. What a fantastic system it is too.

Let me give you a couple of statistics to give you a flavour of Milan’s tram system.. In Lisbon there are just over 50 trams in everyday service. By contrast, there are over 250 in Milan! Lisbon has 4 routes operating from one depot whereas Milan has 17 operating from FIVE depots. What is also amazing is that there are so many junctions and not just two-way, MOST are at least three way and many are even four-way (meaning that at a crossroads, trams can go from any street to any street - with double track too).

Following research and on the ground experience, we decided to film the Driver’s eye view element on LINE 1 (Milan uses the term LINE rather than ROUTE). Line 1 runs right through the heart of the City past famous landmarks and over many junctions with many different lines and variety of tramcars. It is operated throughout by 1926 vintage “Peter Witts” tramcars. Many of these are still in everyday service on 4 lines.

So, what a great way to see a great tram system and a great way to see a classic Italian city. We are hoping to have this ready by mid September.  Peter Middleton.

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