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The latest version of the Drivers' eye view wishlist is now available.

TGV Italy France

We are now taking orders for our latest Driver’s eye view.  A ride on board an SNCF TGV travelling from Turin in North West Italy through the Alps to Chambery in South Eastern France.

Jacobite Driver's eye view PREVIEW

Jacobite Driver's eye view PREVIEW:

Next will be the Jacobite DEV. Here is a quick preview. This is NOW on our website if you would like more information or wish to place an order.

Please note: DVDs and Blu-ray discs should be available early December.

Thames Branches

Out now to download, and on DVD and Blu-ray. All current orders have now been shipped.

HST Tracks in stock

DVDs are now in stock. Just £10.



We are pleased to announce a “brand new” (though kind of old), video featuring dozens of shots of HSTs from 1986 to 2006 with their iconic Paxman Valenta engines with their unique and unforgettable sounds, sometimes called the Valenta Scream. Unforgettable. The sounds live on in our archive.

Available to download right now at Alternatively, you can order a copy of...