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Still taken from Rolling Stone train video. ▶ Click to watch preview
Narrated by Philip Hayton
Written by Peter Middleton
Filmed in 1992
Duration 81 mins
Widescreen No
Definition Standard
Download size 1.7GB
Format MP4 video

Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone class 59s, the Video 125 film that ‘got away’, is a documentary about Whatley Quarry’s class 59 locomotive fleet filmed in 1992 when the four locomotives had just entered service with ARC Ltd.

Part 1

  • Whatley Quarry rail development
  • The quarrying operation
  • The Class 59 purchase decision
  • The loco‘s specification
  • Construction by General Motors in Canada
  • Delivery
  • Namings
  • Maintenance
  • Cab controls

The class 59 revolutionised the stone carrying business. Just one locomotive can haul a train weighing in excess of 4000 tons.

Part 2

  • Road test from Whatley to Westbury

Former BR Traction Inspector Chris Crompton and former ARC Rail Traffic Controller Rob Jacob ride aboard loco 59102 with a fully laden stone train. They provide a ‘live’ running commentary on the performance of the loco along with a Driver’s eye view of both the privately owned Whatley branch and the former BR main line. Finally, we see the train’s arrival and unloading at Theale Distribution Depot in Berkshire.

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