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Buying a video download

  1. What is downloading?
  2. Buying a video download
  3. Paying by credit card
  4. Getting your video download
  1. Watching on your TV
  2. Watching on your tablet or smartphone
  3. Watching on your computer
  4. Troubleshooting

2. Buying a video download

Buying a video download works the same way as most other online purchases, but instead of waiting for a parcel to arrive by post you take delivery by email by email.

  1. Choose a video and click ‘Buy download’.
  2. Once you’ve filled your basket, click ‘Go to payment’.
  3. Pay by credit card.
  4. Within a few minutes you’ll get an email with a link to the video.
  5. Save the video file on your computer. It’s yours to keep and watch as often as you like.

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